Things I Like

This page is just a list of things that I enjoy and would recommend to you. If you don't like these things, you are a terrible person. Last updated 2013-03-28.

Other Stuff I Do
Comics For the Blind (also on Twitter and Facebook)
BBC Headlines

A Softer World
Bad Machinery
Basic Instructions
Chainsaw Suit
Cow and Boy
The Creeps
Cul de Sac
Dick Tracy
The Dinette Set
Dubble Baby
Eat That Toast
Ham Shears
Hark, A Vagrant!
Heavenly Nostrils
Married to the Sea
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
One Big Happy
The Phantom
Poorly Drawn Lines
Sally Forth
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Space Avalanche
Supermutant Magic Academy
Three Word Phrase

Articles, blogs, reviews, etc.
Epitaph MUD Commentary - Commentary on MUDs and game design and stuff.
Least Helpful - Amazon's worst reviews.
The Lovely Ladies of Apartment 3-G - A blog about the comic strip Apartment 3-G.
The Pretty Princess Rule - How real men play Scrabble.
Richard Cobbett - Humorous articles about video games.
Ridiculous Tips For a Miserable Sex Life - Hilariously bad advice from Cosmo.
Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things - Exactly what it sounds like.
Warming Up - Comedian Richard Herring's blog; very funny.
The Worst Things For Sale - Useless and dumb products available to buy right now.
WTF, D&D!? - The most ridiculous things in RPGs.

Amy Winfrey - Making Fiends, Cobra, Big Bunny, etc.
Barney's Mind - What Barney Calhoun was thinking throughout Half Life: Blue Shift.
Bro Team - Funny video game... reviews? See also: Bro Team Pill.
CGP Grey - Entertaining and educational.
David Mitchell's Soapbox - David Mitchell rants about stuff.
Freeman's Mind - What Gordon Freeman was thinking throughout Half Life.
Hannah Hart - My Drunk Kitchen, etc.
Live Prude Girls - Let's Talk About Something More Interesting, Teen Wolf Chick, etc.
Noël Kristi - Comedy.
Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time - The best cooking show ever.
Retsupurae - Making fun of videogames and the people who play them.
Screen Junkies - Comedy show about movies.
Shephard's Mind - What Adrian Shephard was thinking throughout Half Life: Opposing Force.
Vi Hart - Entertaining videos about maths.

Useful Stuff
Common Errors in English.
GoodReads - Keep track of what you've read and what your friends are reading.
Logical Fallacies.
MusicBrainz - Tool for tagging and sorting your music.

I will modify and update this page as I see fit, so check back occasionally. You know, not frequently or anything, like, once a year would probably do. Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. can be emailed to me, you can also contact me on Twitter or the Something Awful Forums.

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