Red Dwarf: Timewave

It's been a while (almost eight months, in fact) since I started watching this season but it's only six episodes long so I thought I might as well try to finish it. Guess what? It's still real bad. It's interesting that I concluded my last review by saying that the theme of the episode seemed to be that criticism is bad, because the message of this episode is the exact opposite of that. In fact, insulting and belittling people is good... because otherwise they might be happy and confident?


More short reviews of games I barely played

I have a bunch of school stuff to do in the next couple of weeks but I finished my last essay early so I earned myself a little bit of breathing room, and since I have way too many unplayed games in my Steam library I thought it seemed like a good time to briefly try out a few games to see if they're worth playing more of.


Star Trek: Discovery - Will You Take My Hand?

So, the last episode. It was OK. The story was garbage, but some cool stuff happened. And it does reset the status-quo in a way that allows for season two to be much, much better. I wouldn't recommend the first season at all, but I'm going to watch season two.


Star Trek: Discovery - The War Without, The War Within

I have no idea how they're going to wrap this up in one episode, because nothing happened in this one. Or practically nothing. Maybe they're just setting it up for the next season, but if so then I don't think next season's going to be any good at all.


Star Trek: Discovery - What's Past Is Prologue

A pretty good episode. For this show, at least. It was all fairly predictable but only because it was the resolution to events that had already been set in motin, so there weren't supposed to be any surprises. A bit too much time spent on a big Arrow-style fight scene, but overall a good conclusion to the mirror universe stuff.


Star Trek: Discovery - Vaulting Ambition

This show thinks it's a lot cleverer than it is. This episode might have been OK if it actually was as clever as it thinks it is, but as it stands it's all style and no substance. The mirror universe is still cool - even the gold uniforms are growing on me - but basically nothing happens. Nothing we didn't know was going to happen as of the end of the last episode, anyway.


Star Trek: Discovery - The Wolf Inside

Two good episodes in a row, and they're still in the evil universe. I'm not going to say this show is overall good yet, but it's certainly looking up. Of course, they could ruin it any minute by returning to the regular universe and going straight back to how it was before.


Marvel's Runaways - Hostile

Well, that's over. And despite a pretty strong start, I don't think I'll be watching season two. Because this is where we should have been by episode three or four. The show's just been spinning its wheels for far too long and I'm bored.


Star Trek: Discovery - Despite Yourself

Star Trek's evil mirror universe is dumb in the best way. Everything about it is ridiculous and it shouldn't work, but it does. And of course that's where the crew of the Discovery find themselves in this episode. We don't get to see any evil versions of them, but the good versions do dress up as their evil counterparts and it's awesome. A bit too much gold on the captains' uniforms, but otherwise the evil uniforms are great.