Marvel's Runaways - Metamorphosis

Once again, things keep happening, but none of them are the actual main plot. I mean, that's kind of moving forward, but not in any meaningful way. The kids are still collecting evidence and the parents are still at the "do the kids suspect something? Nah, probably not" stage. This episode is ostensibly centred around a heist, but it's actually kind of the B plot rather than the focus.


Marvel's Runaways - Kingdom

Again the pacing is weird. It's not bad, it just feels like it should be faster. Like, we're getting these huge revelations but no one is acting on them. I mean, they are, but just in small ways. It's not on the scale I'm used to with super heroes, I guess. I feel like these kids should all be on the same page with regard to taking down their parents, for example, but they aren't. Which makes sense, but it's not what I expect of the genre.


Marvel's Runaways - Fifteen

The pace of this show is a bit weird. It doesn't feel slow to watch (like, for example, Daredevil) but looking back at the end of each episode it doesn't feel like much happened. There's a lot of little stuff but the overall plot doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Even the things that seem like they should lead to huge developments somehow don't.


Marvel's Runaways - Destiny

This third episode is a bit of a slow one, comparatively. The plot is moving forward, but it's slowed down now that the characters are all introduced. We get a bit more background info on some of them and the kids do a bit of sleuthing, but nothing particularly dramatic.


Marvel's Runaways - Rewind

This episode is neat. It's the first episode again but from the parents' perspective. We don't find out the full backstory or anything, just get more details about that day. I like it.


Marvel's Runaways - Reunion

So there's a new Marvel show. I'm not a big fan of the Marvel shows (aside from Agent Carter, which was fantastic) or the MCU in general, and Inhumans was just terrible, but I'll give it a go.


Star Trek: Discovery - Into the Forest I Go

This episode follows directly from the previous, with the Klingons about to show up and destroy the peaceful aliens. Discovery is ordered to run away, bu obviously the captain is a maverick who plays by his own rules (but dammit, he gets results), so they're not going to do that.


Star Trek: Discovery - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

This episode seems to confirm my theory about last week's episode being filler that could be slotted in anywhere, as you could reverse the order of the two and it would make no difference. This one does advance the main plot though, as well as having a more stand-alone component. But not really stand-alone because even it has to tie into the ongoing story.


Marvel's Inhumans - ...And Finally: Black Bolt

What a colossal mess of an episode. What a mess of a series. Absolutely nothing was resolved in an even remotely satisfying way. I knew from episode one that the bad guys were going to win, because the writers inexplicably thought they were the good guys, but literally everything about this ending was terrible.


Star Trek: Discovery - Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

I said I wanted this show to be more like the old shows, and it actually delivered. Unfortunately it didn't do it very well. It's a time loop episode. Every sci-fi does one eventually, but usually not until they're running out of more original ideas. In this case it's especially bad because it just reminded me of the one Dark Matter did earlier this year, which was much better. I miss that show already.