Star Trek: Discovery - The Wolf Inside

Two good episodes in a row, and they're still in the evil universe. I'm not going to say this show is overall good yet, but it's certainly looking up. Of course, they could ruin it any minute by returning to the regular universe and going straight back to how it was before.


Marvel's Runaways - Hostile

Well, that's over. And despite a pretty strong start, I don't think I'll be watching season two. Because this is where we should have been by episode three or four. The show's just been spinning its wheels for far too long and I'm bored.


Star Trek: Discovery - Despite Yourself

Star Trek's evil mirror universe is dumb in the best way. Everything about it is ridiculous and it shouldn't work, but it does. And of course that's where the crew of the Discovery find themselves in this episode. We don't get to see any evil versions of them, but the good versions do dress up as their evil counterparts and it's awesome. A bit too much gold on the captains' uniforms, but otherwise the evil uniforms are great.


Marvel's Runaways - Doomsday

I feel I'm being pretty repetitive at this point, but that's just the nature of this show, apparently. Nothing continues to happen.


Marvel's Runaways - Tsunami

Things just keep not happening in this show, don't they? I feel like we're in the same position now as we were at the end of the previous episode. It's all hints and allusions and nothing concrete. Mysteries built on mysteries without any solutions or resolutions. What are the parents trying to do? No idea. How does the formerly old guy fit in? He seems to be kind of in charge of the whole thing but most of the parents don't seem to know who he is or what he wants - but they've been doing these sacrifices to keep him alive for years? The kids are no closer to doing anything at all. It's entertaining to watch but as soon as each episode's over you just find yourself thinking "wait, what actually happened in this episode?"


Marvel's Runaways - Refraction

I still feel like this show needs to pick up the pace a bit, but I guess some stuff did kind of happen in this episode. But then again, mainly just more stuff that sets things up for the future. Everything is always about to happen and nothing is ever happening. Big things that seem like they should derail the characters' lives just... don't.


Marvel's Runaways - Metamorphosis

Once again, things keep happening, but none of them are the actual main plot. I mean, that's kind of moving forward, but not in any meaningful way. The kids are still collecting evidence and the parents are still at the "do the kids suspect something? Nah, probably not" stage. This episode is ostensibly centred around a heist, but it's actually kind of the B plot rather than the focus.


Marvel's Runaways - Kingdom

Again the pacing is weird. It's not bad, it just feels like it should be faster. Like, we're getting these huge revelations but no one is acting on them. I mean, they are, but just in small ways. It's not on the scale I'm used to with super heroes, I guess. I feel like these kids should all be on the same page with regard to taking down their parents, for example, but they aren't. Which makes sense, but it's not what I expect of the genre.


Marvel's Runaways - Fifteen

The pace of this show is a bit weird. It doesn't feel slow to watch (like, for example, Daredevil) but looking back at the end of each episode it doesn't feel like much happened. There's a lot of little stuff but the overall plot doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Even the things that seem like they should lead to huge developments somehow don't.


Marvel's Runaways - Destiny

This third episode is a bit of a slow one, comparatively. The plot is moving forward, but it's slowed down now that the characters are all introduced. We get a bit more background info on some of them and the kids do a bit of sleuthing, but nothing particularly dramatic.