I Went For a Walk

I had to go to Centrelink today to sort some stuff out (which was, as always, massive pain), but on my way back I happened to see the above sign. It caught my attention. It seems like such an odd mix of things. So I stopped to have a look. Another couple of signs in the window also caught my attention.


Horse Vet

Here's a thing I wrote about what it would be like if Dave was a horse vet.

David Thorne: Horse Vet
Have you ever punched a horse to death? I have. My name is David Thorne.
She'd said the horse was behaving oddly. Show me a horse that isn't. They're mad creatures. But there was always the chance that it would have to be put down, and I'd enjoy that, so I agreed to come and take a look at it.
"Your horse needs to be put down." I said.
She seemed dubious. "You haven't seen it yet."
"You've heard of the horse whisperer? That film was actually based on me. Of course, in real life it's more like horse shouting. But I don't need to actually see a particular horse to know what to do with it."
"Are you sure you're a real vet?" she asked.
"Fine, I'll look at the damn horse."