On a Scale of One to Ten, I Hate You

I work for a market research company doing surveys over the phone, and one of the common sort of questions that gets asked in these surveys is the "On a scale of one to ten, where one is strongly disagree and ten is strongly agree..." and I've noticed something about this sort of question: It's complete bullshit. No one answers it properly.


Dead Space

I was playing Dead Space today, and as I was playing it I found myself becoming rather frustrated. It seems like it should be a pretty fun game, but there are just these things that make it constantly irritating.


How to Deal With Cold Callers

Shut Up and Listen

This is counter-intuitive because you're probably going to want to either interrupt the caller or just hang up. Don't do that. Believe it or not, you actually want to hear what they're saying.

During their opening monologue they will deliver three pieces of information that you want. They'll tell you the name of the company they're calling from and what they actually want and who they're actually trying to contact.