The Journey Down

Today I played a relatively new adventure game called The Journey Down. I bought it based mostly on the screenshots, because it looks pretty amazing, and as far as visuals, dialogue, voice acting and music goes, it's absolutely brilliant. So it's just a pity it's not much good as a game.


I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues

Elton John has no idea what words mean. I've listend to this song many times and I still have no idea why they call it the blues. Or what Mr John thinks "it" is that they call "the blues".


Saints Row 4

The first trailer for Saints Row Four just came out the other day, so I discussed it with some friends.


Phone cords

You know how you go into someone else's house or office or whatever, and for whatever reason they have a landline phone, and it's got one of those coily cables for the handset (which are great, by the way, a fantastic design). But somehow, through some horrible misuse, they've tangled it. Maybe it's just a single twist halfway along the cable, maybe it's wrapped around itself and twisted, or maybe they've just fucked it up completely.


A Battle For the Ages

My opponent was fast and cunning, and all through the evening he goaded me ceaselessly. Twice I got up to confront him, only to find him vanished, nowhere to be found. I let him escape for the time being.