Chocolate with Vegemite

There's a thread on the Something Awful forums called the Anti-Food Porn Thread. It's pretty great most of the time, but there are a bunch of babies posting there who get disgusted by quite ordinary things. Recently a few "trip reports" have been posted of people eating food from KFC, which I found incredibly dumb, because that hardly fits the "anti food porn" description, does it? So I asked the thread to nominate something for me to eat that was actually weird. Someone suggested that chocolate with the Vegemite in it, but it had already been done, and anyway I don't think they're selling it any more. I certainly couldn't find any in the shops today.

So I decided to go one better and do a home-made version.


Authors Behaving Badly

This is an account, written for my Writing Creative Non-Fiction class back in May, of my encounter with Gilbert Ohanian (previously covered on this blog) and a discussion of similar reactions from other authors to bad reviews.


Letters to Yourself

Robert Dessaix's 'Letters to an Unknown Friend' was the keynote address at Essaying: The Calibre Prizes, a symposium held at the National Library of Australia. This is my review of a transcript of it, written for my Writing Creative Non-Fiction class back in May.