Australian Military Defeat

Australia has been involved in a number of wars in its short history as a country, but only one that took place entirely within its own borders. That war, which took place in November and December of 1932, was one of the strangest wars in recorded history. The location – Western Australia. The Australian force – The Seventh Heavy Battery of the Royal Australian Artillery. The enemy – 20,000 emus supported by guerrilla rabbit squads. This was the Great Emu War.


Quick reviews part two

A few more quick reviews of games I didn't spend long playing.

Quick reviews of games I barely played

I've been playing small amounts of a few different games recently to try to clear out some of my backlog of games I've bought and never tried. Here's what I think of some of them (and how long I played them for).


How to play Gat Out of Hell

I've just been replaying Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell today, and this time I noticed something odd about the early missions (in which you recruit your allies and gain your powers): They're in the wrong order. Now you can actually do them in any order you like, but the game prompts you to do them a certain way, specifically Blackbeard/summon, Shakespeare/stomp, Vlad the Impaler/aura and then the DeWynters/blast.