Australian Kindle owners

Amazon is trying to get Australians to switch to amazon.com.au but apparently if you do this you lose access to the ebooks you purchased from amazon.com. Here's log of (part of) the conversation I had with one of their support people:

Me: Lately amazon.com keeps telling me I can switch to amazon.com.au for ebook purchases. Is there any benefit to doing that other than seeing prices in AUD? It seems like a hassle to be using the .com.au site for some things and the .com site for others, especially when AUD and USD are so close in value anyway.
Regie(CSA): The reason why the system keeps telling you to transfer your account to Amazon.au it is because you're country settings is from Australia, correct?
Me: I am in Australia, that is correct.
Regie(CSA): That's is the reason, Mathew.
However, you can ignore the email about the migrating, Mathew.
Me: It's not an email, it;s a message that keeps appearing at the top of the page when I view items at amazon.com
And my question is, is there any benefit to switching, other than seeing prices in AUD, or is that the only thing that would change?
Regie(CSA): No, Mathew.
Regie(CSA): If you switch to Amazon.au, all your books that was purchased from Amazon.com will not be available to view or read unless you switch back to Amazon.com.
Me: Why would anyone want to switch their account if it will remove access to the books they already purchased? This is insane.
Regie(CSA): I do apologize, Mathew.
We don't have the information/
Me: OK, so is there some way I can make sure my account doesn't ever get switched to the au site? Because I don't want to lose access to my books.
Regie(CSA): No need to worry, as long as you will not accept the migration.
Me: So there is no way for me to just say "no, I don't want to switch" and have that be the end of it? It's just going to keep asking me forever?
Regie(CSA): Yes, Mathew.

I can't imagine what the hell they're thinking with this decision.


Logan Farm vegetables are shit

I bought this pack of frozen vegetables from the IGA near my house. Sorry, "Premium Vegetable Mix".

It looks pretty nice. Obviously I don't expect it to look exactly like the picture on the pack. For one thing, the actual product will be frozen. But you'd think that the picture would give a pretty good idea of the contents of the pack - that's kind of the point.

Here's what's actually in the pack.

It's not quite the same. There's just something about that distribution that seems off. Maybe it's the fact that there are about three beans in the entire pack. I was also expecting more carrot in comparison to the amount of peas and corn.

Don't buy Logan Farm vegetables.


French toasted cheese sandwich

Take two eggs. Break them into a bowl. Use a fork or something to whisk them up a bit so the yolk is mixed with the albumen.

Take two slices of bread and dunk them in the egg. Make sure to get both sides of both slices completely covered and do your best to soak up all the egg. Depending on the size of the eggs and slices of bread there may be a little bit left over.

Melt some butter in a frying pan. Put the slices of bread in the frying pan and tip the remaining egg on top of them.

While the bread is frying, slice some cheese and salami.

Once the bread is cooked to your satisfaction on one side, turn it over and put the sliced cheese and salami on top of one slice.

Once the other side of the bread is done, flip the second slice onto the first. The cheese should now be nicely melted. If not, leave it a little longer.

Once the eggy-bread is cooked and the cheese is melted, eat the sandwich.


I Am Mine

Have you heard the song I Am Mine? If not, don't worry, you're not missing much and it's just this one line I'd like to draw your attention to.
North is to South what the clock is to time
What? No it isn't. North is the opposite to south. A clock is an instrument for measuring time. Those are not equivalent relationships at all. North is to a compass as time is to a clock, maybe. North is to south as the future is to the past.

This line stands out to me every time I hear this song and it's the only line I actually know, because it's a pretty forgettable song, but that line is so dumb that you can't help but notice it. Maybe that's the idea. That line is deliberately wrong just so you'll notice the song exists. If so, well played Pearl Jam.

But actually I think Pearl Jam are just idiots.


Windows 8

Since my main operating system is Linux Mint and I only use Windows to play games, I hadn't actually bothered upgrading from Windows XP until now. But Saints Row IV is going to require DirectX 10 and so I needed a new operating system. And you know what? It's OK.


I just noticed something about Joss Whedon

You know Joss Whedon, right? The guy responsible for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, etc. You've probably seen TV shows or movies he's worked on or created. But have you actually seen the guy himself?


Yahoo! Cares

I got an email recently telling me that Flickr has new features or something. As far as I was aware I had never used Flickr and didn't give two shits about its new features, so I went to the site to try to delete my account and unsubscribe. This proved more trouble than expected.


Facebook's new Scrabble

Recently, the Scrabble game available on the Facebook changed to a new version. I'm not sure why but I assume they think this one will be more profitable somehow. That doesn't bother me, I have no problem with them making money when they're providing me with a free game. What does bother me though is that the new Scrabble is shit.


"Indie" games suck

There, I said it. We've all been thinking it, but people just keep telling us that these games like Braid or Dear Esther are these wonderful stories told through a unique medium or whatever the fuck they go on about, but it's a load of shit.



Primordia is a point-and-click adventure game set in the distant future, in a world in which no humans remain and the Earth is inhabited only by robots. You play as Horatio Nullbuilt and his assistant/son Crispin Horatiobuilt.


Jraphics Interchange Format

Why are gifs still a thing? If I want to watch a full-screen video with sound on YouTube, i just click it and it starts playing. No buffering, no loading time, no pauses or skipping, it just goes. If we can do that, why the fuck do I still have to wait so long for a low-res, silent animation?

How is there not a better format for embedding looping animations? Why has no one invented that?


Violets Are Violet

Roses and violets come in many colours
Including red and blue
A fact well known to many
Now also known to you


The Journey Down

Today I played a relatively new adventure game called The Journey Down. I bought it based mostly on the screenshots, because it looks pretty amazing, and as far as visuals, dialogue, voice acting and music goes, it's absolutely brilliant. So it's just a pity it's not much good as a game.


I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues

Elton John has no idea what words mean. I've listend to this song many times and I still have no idea why they call it the blues. Or what Mr John thinks "it" is that they call "the blues".


Saints Row 4

The first trailer for Saints Row Four just came out the other day, so I discussed it with some friends.


Phone cords

You know how you go into someone else's house or office or whatever, and for whatever reason they have a landline phone, and it's got one of those coily cables for the handset (which are great, by the way, a fantastic design). But somehow, through some horrible misuse, they've tangled it. Maybe it's just a single twist halfway along the cable, maybe it's wrapped around itself and twisted, or maybe they've just fucked it up completely.


A Battle For the Ages

My opponent was fast and cunning, and all through the evening he goaded me ceaselessly. Twice I got up to confront him, only to find him vanished, nowhere to be found. I let him escape for the time being.


Home: A Uniquely Horrible Adventure in Tedium

Home is sort of a game in that you have to press keys to make things happen on the screen, but there's really no challenge or much interactivity to it. It basically seems to bill itself as a game because if it were a short film it would be way too obvious how shitty the story is. Spoiler alert from this point on.



Chronicle is a movie about three teenagers who discover a mysterious thing that gives them the power of telekinesis. They soon discover that they can do some pretty impressive stuff with it, including flying and moving very heavy things.



So I was just reading the Twitters today, when this caught my eye.

Ride a cloud? I only know of one person who rides a cloud, and it's not this Goku character. Hold on, I've got to check this...


How to Make Tea

A lot of people like to tell you there are a whole let of very specific rules for how you should make, serve and drink tea, and they are all idiots. Tea is not difficult. It's not complicated.