Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler

Doctor Who is back on, so I guess I'd better start writing some reviews. I'd managed to forget in the intervening time that this episode is called Let's Kill Hitler, and remembering that just made me sad. At least it sets expectations for the episode incredibly low, so I should be less disappointed than normal.


Cooking with Tiggum: Turkish Kangaroo Sandwiches

Fear not, hungry masses, for it is once again time for me to share with you the secret to culinary success! This time we turn the making of a simple sandwich into a gruelling hour-long ordeal, made worthwhile by the fact that it results in a truly glorious meal.


Using public transport

You get an a tram and find that there are already quite a few people there, but still a few seats left. Where to sit should be obvious, but some people seem to consistently get this wrong.


Your entertaining stories infuriate me!

I've recently been reading some forums on which people were telling entertaining stories about things that happened to them. Mostly people just post stories or make comments, whatever, good times for all. But then some dickhead comes along who is absolutely convinced that something someone said might not be 100% true and that this is a crisis of epic proportions.


Cooking with Tiggum: Something Fishy About the Lasagne

Since my last recipe seemed to be pretty well-received, I thought I'd share another one, this time for fishy-lasagne. Click any image to embiggen, and if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment.