House MD

Season 8, episode 22: "Everybody Dies".

Everyone didn't die. Disappointing.

Warning: Spoilers below.



Just played a game of Scrabble against some random dude on the Facebook with a two-minute limit on turns, and it was super fun. The time limit really forces you to keep your mind on the game and actually changes the way you play quite a bit.

In a more slow-paced game you have time to consider options and be a bit more strategic about how you play, you can make the most of every tile, particularly S's and blanks. When you've got that clock ticking away, you've got to make a move and sometimes there's just no time to consider all the alternatives.

Discworld drama

If you're not familiar with the Discworld MUD, you might want to skip this post, since it's not really relevant to the outside world. Or read it if you like, I'm not the boss of you.

Firstly I just want to link to this great blog post by Drakkos@Epitaph about the situation.

That out of the way, the main reason for this post is to share this post that Maelin@Discworld posted on the MUD's Flame board. Since the boards tend to scroll off pretty quickly and there is no archive accessible to normal people, I wanted to grab a copy of the post here, because it's great.