Doctor Who Adventure Games

Episode One: City of the Daleks


If you were expecting an adventure game, prepare to be horribly disappointed. There are no clever puzzles, no amusing dialogue, no clues to find, not even a bunch of random objects to collect and put together for inexplicable reasons. No, what this is is... well, it's several different (and equally shitty) games combined into one, for no readily apparent reason.

The Big Bang

Season 32, episode 13.


Going Postal


In short, excellent. I think they probably could have done better with Reacher Gilt, but only because he didn't quite work in a couple of scenes. The rest of the time he was fine. Charles Dance as Vetinari and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Angua were particularly great, but really they were all pretty well chosen.

Richard Coyle as Moist was far better than I'd anticipated. Having only seen him before in Coupling I was expecting to have difficulty believing him in the role, but it really wasn't an issue at all. Tamsin Greig as Sacharissa was another one I thought I might have trouble with, because when I saw Shaun of the Dead I couldn't help but see her as Fran from Black Books, and she also played a fairly Fran-like character in Green Wing, but she was really good in this.