Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

I'm a big fan of SVU, I've been watching it for years. The characters are great and the crimes are interesting. At least, they were. I've noticed recently that I just don't really enjoy watching it any more. I still have been, but I've realised that it's more out of habit than anything, and I think I've worked out what's gone wrong.



It's hard to believe they allow this sort of thing in newspapers...



I recently saw this film after having meant to watch it for quite some time. Almost since it first came out, in fact, because people just went on and on about how wonderful it was. People were wrong. Terribly wrong. This film was painful to watch, start to finish.


Oh look, a blog

For a while now I've been putting random stuff up on my website, which made it kind of hard to find, annoyed people who hate my website layout and just didn't really fit with the stated goal of the site. So I've decided to put that stuff here instead. Plus, Blogger has stat tracking and comments and stuff, so I can see that people look at my stuff and feel important. So the posts up to this point are stuff that has already been on my site, but there will be now stuff coming. You know, unless, like 99% of people who start blogs, I forget this exists and stop posting. Whatever.


Stuff That is Good

Just my recommendations for some free stuff you can find on the internet, some comics, blogs and other things. They're all really good, you should read them.