Stuff That is Good

Just my recommendations for some free stuff you can find on the internet, some comics, blogs and other things. They're all really good, you should read them.


Cow and Boy

A comic about a boy called Billy and his friend the cow. It's very injokey, so you might have to read a bit to really get into it, but it's whimsical and fun and doesn't take itself seriously and although it's not hysterical, it's usually good for a smile, sometimes more.

The Phantom

The Phantom is a super hero with no powers, and unlike Batman he doesn't rely on fancy gadgets as a substitute. He's just a purple-clad arse-kicking machine in stripey underwear. His primary foe is pirates, but as the protector of Bengalla he defends it from any threat that may arise, be it pirates, terrorists or just common criminals. He lives in a cave in the shape of a skull, keeps the peace through fear and has been known to torture suspects for information. And he's the good guy. The plot is ongoing, so it might take a week or two to pick up, but there aren't a huge number of characters you need to know about immediately, so it's not a real effort.

Sally Forth

Sally Forth used to be an incredibly dull strip about a tediaus family of boring people. But then the old writer left and Francesco Marciuliano was hired to write instead, and now it's great. The true star of the strip is Ted, Sally's husband, whe veers between weird and nerdy and just outright crazy. Again, you might have to read a bit to get into it, and it's not hilarious every day, but it's worthwhile reading.

A Softer World

A comic made of photographs with captions. It's weird and creepy and cute and sweet and funny and disturbing and very very good. Also, you should buy Joey Comeau's books Overqualified and One Bloody Thing After Another as they're both excellent.


A series of comic books serialised on the web on a weekly basis. A group of super-powered teenagers in a post-apocalyptic setting defend their community from outside threats as they try to understand their powers and generally what's going on.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

A series of unconnected strips, often about geeky subjects. Not always brilliant but good for a laugh more often than not.

The Comics Curmudgeon

Daily commentary on newspaper comics. They may not be worth reading, but Josh's commentary on them is.

Axe Cop

Drawn by an adult but written by a child, this comic is pure fun. It's every hilarious story you've ever heard a child make up, in comic format.

Weapon Brown

Newspaper comic strip characters like Charlie Brown, Annie and Garfield grown up, mutated and otherwise transformed and put in a post-apocalyptic setting. It's probably best if you're already familiar with the characters being parodied, but who doesn't know Charlie Brown?


Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

What if the Harry Potter universe made sense? And Harry was a genius? That is teh question this serialised novel answers. Even if you've never read Harry Potter, this is a damn good story. It's kind of like Ender's Game only better.


What MoR does for Harry Potter, this does for Twilight. It's not as good, and there are a couple of bits that disappointed me, but in general it's a pretty good read. Again, familiarity with Twilight is not a prerequisite.


[Citation Needed]

There is some crazy shit on Wikipedia. This website collects and publicises the more amusing examples.


Random image blog. Some images contain nudity, so NSFW I guess.

The Weinerworks

Zach Weiner's blog. There's some pretty interesting stuff on there.

Warming Up

The blog of comedian Richard Herring. I don't know, I just find this guy ridiculously funny.


Dice Wars

A strategy/luck game based on conquering territory by rolling dice.

Fantastic Contraption

Build machines out of wheels.

Home of the Underdogs

Old games for free!


Someone draws a picture and everyone else has to guess what it is.



A comedy website that also teaches you interesting facts about history and science. I wouldn't cite them in an article or anything, but they're mostly pretty much correct about stuff, and usually pretty funny.

Three Year Epic Prank On One Stranger

The most elaborate prank ever played.

Uncomfortable Plot Summaries

Amusing one-line plot summaries for popular movies.

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