Batman: Arkham City

I bought Batman: Arkham City a while back, but hadn't gotten around to playing it until yesterday. I'd played a bit of Arkham Asylum and enjoyed it for a while before I got bored and moved onto other things, but I'd heard some very good things about the sequel, so I was pretty keen. I had the game already downloaded, so after the first-run stuff (DirectX etc.) was done I was ready to go.


Height, Width and Depth

I often like to buy things online, to save the inconvenience of having to find the shop that sells the type of thing you want and wander around from shop to shop finding one that has one that suits you. I much prefer to just type what I want and have the options presented to me so I can just choose one and buy it. This works perfectly well in some cases, but there are some confusing exceptions.


Amazon support

Sometimes Amazon's support is just bizarrely unhelpful. I sent them an email today asking why my personal documents aren't showing up on the Kindle app for PC, and their response to me was just "Sorry, we can't help you by email, please contact us by chat or phone." No reason or explanation was given for this, so I followed their instructions and used the chat support option.