Batman: Arkham City

I bought Batman: Arkham City a while back, but hadn't gotten around to playing it until yesterday. I'd played a bit of Arkham Asylum and enjoyed it for a while before I got bored and moved onto other things, but I'd heard some very good things about the sequel, so I was pretty keen. I had the game already downloaded, so after the first-run stuff (DirectX etc.) was done I was ready to go.

Well, after I put in the product key, because even though I bought it on Steam that's just not good enough for some companies I guess. But then the logo screens went by and Batman appeared on my screen. Ready to go!

Well, after I remember my Windows Live login. That took a couple of attempts because I don't even remember the last time I used Windows Live for anything. Oh and then I had to enter the product key again, because obviously that's such an important step that it's worth doing twice. But then I was logged into Windows Live and ready to play.

After a few updates download obviously. Oh, and installing them requires you to exit the game and start it up again after the installer runs. And then of course you have to log into Windows Live again, even though you ticked the box that said "Log me in automatically" because the updates disabled that for some reason. But then I was ready to play.

I mean, as soon as I'd created myself a "Gamertag", because apparently my profile wasn't set up properly for Games For Windows Live yet. So I quit the game, deleted it, and dumped it in the Steam category I have for games that I never want to see again and played something else.

In conclusion, Tropico 3 is a pretty great game, and I hear that Tropico 4 is even better, you should definitely give it a look.

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