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Sometimes Amazon's support is just bizarrely unhelpful. I sent them an email today asking why my personal documents aren't showing up on the Kindle app for PC, and their response to me was just "Sorry, we can't help you by email, please contact us by chat or phone." No reason or explanation was given for this, so I followed their instructions and used the chat support option.

Me: My personal documents aren't showing up on my PC. I can see them, download them and read them completely fine on my Kindle, but they're not listed in the Windows app at all.
Elakkiya: Hello, I'm Elakkiya from Amazon Kindle support.I'll be happy to help you today.
Me: Hi.
Elakkiya: Are you trying to transfer personal documents from Kindle to windows app?
Me: Not from the Kindle itself, just from my account. They show up in the archived items folder on my Kindle, but I can't find a way to download them with the Windows app.
Elakkiya: May I place you on hold for 1 to 2 minutes while I check this for you?
Me: Sure.
Elakkiya: Thanks for waiting.
On further checking I see that kindle for PC doesn't allow the download of archived documents.
Me: Why not?
Elakkiya: Currently this feature is not available for kindle for PC. You can view and download archived personal documents from your Kindle Library on Kindle for Android (running app version 3.5 or greater) and Kindle for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch running Kindle app version 2.9 or greater now.
Me: Uh, OK, but why?
Elakkiya: Currently that feature is not developed for PC. I will take this as a feedback and pass to the kindle development team.
They will consider this as we plan future developments.
Me: OK. I'm also curious about another thing. I asked this exact same question earlier via the email support option, and the response I got was that I had to use chat or phone instead. If the answer is simply "We haven't added that feature yet." then why couldn't I have simply been told that in an email?
Elakkiya: I'm really sorry about this,Mathew.
Most of the issues regarding Kindle applications are done through app or phone support.
This is the reason behind this.
Me: That's really not an answer to my question, but I'm obviously not going to get any value out of continuing this, so let's leave it there.

So I ended up with exactly the same information I started with. You can't do that. Why not? Because you can't.

Why is it such a hassle to get an answer to a simple question?

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