My Best Work

This blog goes back a fair way now and a lot of the older stuff (and a lot of the newer stuff) is kind of shit, so I thought I'd save you the trouble of wading through it and just list some of my favourite things what I wrote and posted here.

How to Make Tea. It's not complicated.
The Best Lasagne. A recipe for lasagne. It's really good.
Types of Pasta. Just a list of types of pasta.

A Battle for the Ages. A thrilling tale.
Horse Vet. A very short story.
Nutcase: A True Story About Being Cyber-Bullied. The time I got cyber-bullied by an idiot.
Tim the Landlord. I used to live in a flat owned by a crazy person.

Using Public Transport. A simple guide for people who don't understand personal space.
Phone Cords. A discussion of a problem fast becoming obsolete.
Don't Play Saints Row the Third. It's really fun, but don't. I'm serious.

Uncreative Fiction. Why I hate "creative non-fiction".
Authors Behaving Badly. That time I got cyber-bullied by an idiot turned into an essay.
Why do men's rights activists oppose women's rights? MRAs are garbage. Here's why.
Gender and Character Customisation. One of the many times I found an excuse to talk about Saints Row in a university assignment.
Intellectual Property vs. Physical Property. An essay about copyright.

Australian Military Defeat. Everyone's already heard about the emu war, but I decided to write about it anyway.
Public Holidays. A better schedule of public holidays for Australia.

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