Internet Oracle

To those who already know about the internet oracle, did you know that thing still exists? How great is that?

To those who've no idea what that is, there's this thing called the internet oracle, and it's great.


Still Life

This game was selling for cheap on Steam recently as one of their unending rounds of games so cheap that you'd be insane to not buy them, and I like a good adventure game, so I scanned some reviews and then bought it. Unfortunately, the reviews lied. They lied like lying fucking liars.


Children of Time

I've been watching my way through Deep Space Nine recently, and I just finished watching the episode Children of Time¹. Normally, I'm fairly forgiving of things that don't make sense in Star Trek, that's just to be expected because that's the sort of show it is, but there was something about this particular episode that I could not allow to pass by.


Cooking with Tiggum: Apple Things

The other day I cooked some apple things and they were delicious, so I have decided to share the secret of my success.


A Good Man Goes to War

God, where to even begin with this massive pile of bullshit they've served up to us in place of a plot this week? I guess technically a lot of stuff happens, but honestly, it's 90% filler. You could cut this episode down to about five minutes and it would be more entertaining, less confusing and a whole lot easier to watch.