Cooking with Tiggum: Something Fishy About the Lasagne

Since my last recipe seemed to be pretty well-received, I thought I'd share another one, this time for fishy-lasagne. Click any image to embiggen, and if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment.

onionStart with some onions. Just chop 'em up and throw 'em in a frying pan.

garlicThe next thing you'll need is garlic. We don't want it to be too garlicky, so probably a single bulb will be enough. Just chuck that in there with the onion.

herbsThen you'll need some herbs and pepper. Some people think that herbs are tricky and require thought. This is nonsense. You can get these jars of "Italian herbs" at the supermarket, and they go in everything. Once you've added those, just cook it all up a bit.

fishWhile that's going you can open up your cans of fish and drain off the brine. Or keep the brine if you like brine I guess. I don't care.

sauceAdd in the fishes and some canned tomatoes and cook it up a bit. It doesn't really matter if you don't cook it very well here since you're going to chuck the whole lot in the oven later, but you could just stop at this step and call it pasta sauce if you like, in which case you'll want to cook it a bit more thoroughly.

uncooked lasagneGet you tray and cover the bottom in sauce, then add a layer of lasagne, then more sauce, then grated cheese, then repeat lasagne, sauce and cheese until you don't have any more sauce. I like to use cheddar for the middle layers and parmesan on top, but you can use whatever sort of cheese you like. It's your dinner, not mine.

Once you've done that, realise that you've forgotten to preheat the oven again and turn it on. When it heats up, put the tray in and leave it about 45 minutes or whatever.

finished served

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