Why are there children on the Facebook?

Seriously, the Facebook is not an appropriate place for children.

I'm not talking about the whole internet axe-murderers thing either, though that could potentially be an issue. I'm just talking about how it negatively impacts me. Because that is what's important.

I have some young cousins whom I quite like. I don't want to offend them by refusing to be their friends on the Facebook, and honestly it didn't even occur to me not to, because I didn't really think about it, I just went "Oh, my cousin wants to be my internet friend? Sure, why not, I barely even use the Facebook anyway."

But it occurs to me now, everything I post or comment on will show up on their feeds. If their parents see the sort of things some of my friends post, or the sorts of things I occasionally post (and they will, because I am internet friends with them too), they may not be terribly happy about that stuff being delivered directly to their children's faces.

Which leads me to wonder, why have I been put in this position? Why are these children on the Facebook? Why do people think that letting children on the Facebook is a reasonable thing to do? And how can we get rid of them?

Do you hear me, parents of the world? Your laissez faire attitude to your children's internet usage is mildly inconvenient to me! This is an outrage!


  1. Well, if they're less than 13, report them to Facebook for fun tiems.

    Section 4.5 of the Terms of Service: "You will not use Facebook if you are under 13."

  2. 13 is still too young to be on the Facebook. ;-P