Your entertaining stories infuriate me!

I've recently been reading some forums on which people were telling entertaining stories about things that happened to them. Mostly people just post stories or make comments, whatever, good times for all. But then some dickhead comes along who is absolutely convinced that something someone said might not be 100% true and that this is a crisis of epic proportions.

Why? Why would you do that? Why do you care? If you think it's a bad story, that's fine, no one's saying you have to enjoy it. If you find it entertaining, does it matter if it's true or not? We're here to be entertained. As long as the story achieves that goal, who gives a fuck whether it's true or not?

Sure, some of the stories probably are made up. Most of them are almost certainly altered in some way. To turn a real-life event into a compelling narrative you often have to gloss over some stuff and exaggerate a bit. If you're giving evidence in a trial that could be an issue, but telling stories to entertain people is a completely different thing.

In fact, don't we want people to lie if it makes the story better? Keeping it within the realms of credibility makes it better, but even if you're making up parts or even all of it, it's still a good story. So why do you wankers have to try to ruin it for everyone? If you don't want to read fictionalised accounts of real life events, maybe you should try not reading them.

No one is impressed by your ability to "see through" the "lies". It's a story, get the fuck over it.

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