Saints Row 4

The first trailer for Saints Row Four just came out the other day, so I discussed it with some friends.

Greg The third game was pretty meh, hopefully this one will be better

Mathew It looks like they're reusing a lot of stuff from SR3, so hopefully SR4 will be to SR3 as SR2 was to the original. The main issue with 3 was that the story was fairly flat and stretched thin, but pretty much every aspect of the game was fun to play and there were some awesome set pieces.

Ideally I'd like it if it went back to a more SR2 feel, more ruthless boss and less wacky story, but if it's just SR3 with a better story I'll still be pretty happy.

And if they get Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Dae Kim and Eliza Dushku back then that would just be fantastic. Not that I'm really holding out much hope of any of them showing up, what with Charles (the boss) and Eliza (Shaundi) being replaced in SR3 and Daniel's character (Gat) being written out.

Greg Agreed that 3 was too wacky. The wackiness set 2 apart from GTA, but there was still enough depth to get your teeth into. 3 was entirely shits n giggles from start to end

Mathew Despite being aliens, the aliens in this look like they could actually be a serious enemy, so hopefully it won't be like fighting a bunch of crazy cyberpunks and luchadores again. Those could have been balanced out by the Morningstar except that the Morningstar didn't really play much of a role in the plot and just faded into the background.

Nathan Why SR3 annoyed me: a mini article.

They killed Gat off-screen. Eesh's death got more screen time, and the follow-up was actually kinda brilliant. Burying Akuji alive was a lilttle unsettling. Loved it.

Carlos' fate at the hands of the brotherhood had more impact than the death of a fan favorite.

Jesus Gangbanging Christ did the story take a hit in 'The Third'. And Shaundi lost every ounce of character that she had in 2.

One of SR3's only redeeming features in contrast to 2 is that 3 had a better control layout.

Mathew The actual gameplay was better in just about every way. There are activities and diversions in SR2 that I just never played because they weren't fun, and others that I did for the rewards because they were easy enough, but not because I enjoyed them. I did every activity, every challenge, everything in SR3, because it was all fun.

Gat's death (and in fact almost all of the story) was handled badly. There were some excellent set pieces though, which definitely showed that they knew what they were going for, so I think it was really just a lack of time and resources that stifled them.

Given that they're working from a base of SR3 for this one, just as they were working from the original when they made SR2, I'm fairly confident that SR4 will be better than SR3, and if the story isn't up to the standard of SR2 it will be due to the creative direction (ie. more all-out craziness) not the obvious lack of depth and polish that plagued SR3.

Oh, and Gat was killed because Daniel Dae Kim wasn't available to do any more recording than he did, and that's also why Shaundi had a new voice. The new personality was just bad writing though. Hopefully even if Eliza Dushku doesn't return they'll at least get that right.

Oh, and what you don't mention is that Pierce was fantastic. Clearly the same character as in SR2 but more fleshed out and given a more prominent role and probably the best character in the game aside from the boss.

David I actually really got irritated by the SR3 activities. But they were better than SR2.

Do we know why the morning star just seemed to not shine?

Mathew I think just because the three gangs were forced into a single storyline, so the leaders had to be defeated in a set order, so since Phillipe Loren dies first his gang gets less screentime than the other two. Also, the other two had gimmicks, the Morningstar were just dudes, really.

David Being "just a dude" in SR is almost a gimmick.

David I wonder if the aliens is a bad move too.

Mathew To be honest, I think aliens is probably a good move. You either have to de-power the Saints to get them to a point that they can face a credible threat (like in SR2 and sort of in SR3) or scale up the enemy. It's really hard to come up with a decent justification for taking away all the Saints' toys again. SR2 made sense, SR3 less so, pulling it a third time would just be dumb. Aliens add a whole new level the Saints can work their way up to.

David Just reading the RPS review...

David Placed in a simulation? ehhhhhh. It is doable, and was a complete pain in the arse against the technopunk kids. I think aliens could have been done with some more taste than that. Also, why are they so interested in our women?

Mathew This one? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/03/16/verdict-saints-row-4-trailer/

David The earlier one has a quick rundown of the story. I am reading that now.

David http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/03/15/city-of-anti-heroes-saints-row-iv-is-super-saints-row/

there is a bit there. It could work, but I prefer "magic space radiation" method of giving super powers

Mathew I'm guessing the game is essentially going to be broken up into two zones, the simulation where you have super-powers and shit and the real world where you fight actual aliens with alien shit. And hopefully we'll be able to jump between them essentially at will (at least once the story progresses enough).

David Sort of in a matrixy/silent hill kinda way?

Mathew I don't know anything about Silent Hill, but yeah, Matrixy sounds right. After all, this began as a smaller project called "Enter the Dominatrix" before it was expanded into a full sequel.

David I probably shouldn't have read that second review at work...

Mathew They don't like you reading articles about cocks?

David Silent hill had this bit where you would be switched to the demon dimension of the town. I think it was SHII or something.

Mathew I've never played any of the Silent Hill games. It's a pretty common gimmick though, the two worlds you switch between.

David Yeah, it was one that I just recall doing it well. This will certainly be a game I purchase, and hopefully the multiplayer/charector creator works a bit better than SR3.
Do we get to play the boss again? It would be fun to have a US president with a cockney accent.

Mathew I'm pretty sure they'd get death threats if they didn't let you play as the boss. ;-P

David it is volition, they'll get death threats anyway.

Mathew Possibly. I'm fairly confident that the player character is still the same person from all the previous games though.

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