Phone cords

You know how you go into someone else's house or office or whatever, and for whatever reason they have a landline phone, and it's got one of those coily cables for the handset (which are great, by the way, a fantastic design). But somehow, through some horrible misuse, they've tangled it. Maybe it's just a single twist halfway along the cable, maybe it's wrapped around itself and twisted, or maybe they've just fucked it up completely.

You've got to fix it, right? You can't not. It eats at you. It's like it was done intentionally, to irritate. How can they stand it? How can they not fix it themselves? For that matter, how did they even let it get like that? What do these people do with their telephones to make that happen?

Those cables are designed for convenience and usability. They stay out of the way so they won't get tangled, while still reaching as far as you need them to. You'd have to be actually trying to get them into that condition.

Sometimes it's just inexplicable. Somehow the cable is twisted in such a way as te require you to move the twist, step by step, along the cable to the end to get it out. How did it even get like that? What contortions are people performing whilst speaking on the phone to twist them at such unnatural angles and wrap them around themselves? How do you mess up something so basic as picking up an object and holding it beside your head?

And why don't you fix it? Why do you leave the tangles and the twists? How do you stand it? How do you sleep at night? You sicken me.

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