A Battle For the Ages

My opponent was fast and cunning, and all through the evening he goaded me ceaselessly. Twice I got up to confront him, only to find him vanished, nowhere to be found. I let him escape for the time being.

I was ready to let the matter rest, but the bastard returned. I heard him to my left and turned, only to hear him retreating behind me. I spun around — he was gone.

I got up to follow, then heard him to my right. I was quick, but he was quicker still, gone again before I could catch sight of him. I picked up my weapon.

Still no sign of the enemy, so I sat down and waited. Soon he made his presence known once more. Moving quickly I blasted at his retreating back. Had I missed, or was he crawling off to die? No way to be sure, so I followed.

I stood in silence, listening for the faintest sound of my foe. There it was! He'd got behind me again! Back and forth, around and around I chased him, spraying wildly at the slightest glimpse, always a step behind.

Finally I found him at rest. He flew, but slowly. At least one of my attacks must have hit the mark. I pursued relentlessly, hitting him several more times. At last he lay dying.

I hit him with one more blast, then went to get a tissue. Fucking flies.

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