Chocolate with Vegemite

There's a thread on the Something Awful forums called the Anti-Food Porn Thread. It's pretty great most of the time, but there are a bunch of babies posting there who get disgusted by quite ordinary things. Recently a few "trip reports" have been posted of people eating food from KFC, which I found incredibly dumb, because that hardly fits the "anti food porn" description, does it? So I asked the thread to nominate something for me to eat that was actually weird. Someone suggested that chocolate with the Vegemite in it, but it had already been done, and anyway I don't think they're selling it any more. I certainly couldn't find any in the shops today.

So I decided to go one better and do a home-made version.
All you need's Vegemite and chocolate, right? The proper version also has caramel, but I didn't bother with that. I did get some decent chocolate though, rather than Cadbury Dairy Milk. So here are the ingredients:

And a nice cup of tea to go with them:

I decided to start small and simple. A little bit of chocolate...

and a little bit of Vegemite.

I popped the whole thing in my mouth and began to chew. The first thing I tasted was just the Vegemite, but after a moment I did begin to detect a little of the chocolate flavour coming through. Then it became slightly unpleasant - the Vegemite seemed somehow to have brought out the bitterness in the chocolate, and that's all you get by the end. I can't say I'd recommend it. But I wasn't done yet. I put on a piece of toast and drank some of my tea, then I assembled the ingredients for the next step:

Vegemite, of course, is meant for sandwiches. And you can't have a Vegemite sandwich without butter. And why not some peanut butter as well? Vegemite and peanut butter go well together.

Now this was much nicer, although mostly because the chocolate was masked by the other flavours. As you might expect from the quantities, the peanut butter predominates, but it mixes well with the Vegemite to produce a flavour that's not quite what you'd expect of either of them (although I already knew that from previous experience). The chocolate, once again, added a layer of bitterness, and a little bit of sweetness.

It wasn't something I'll be eating again in a hurry, but it wasn't bad, as such. If it were served to me I would eat it without complaint.

Anyway, I had no trouble finishing it off.

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