I Went For a Walk

I had to go to Centrelink today to sort some stuff out (which was, as always, massive pain), but on my way back I happened to see the above sign. It caught my attention. It seems like such an odd mix of things. So I stopped to have a look. Another couple of signs in the window also caught my attention.

A most range of dog bed? How could I pass that up! The shop itself failed to impress, however. It was basically just one of those Reject Shop style miscellaneous garbage places. Cheap plastic toys, basic kitchen utensils, various clothing items, etc. Notably, there was not a single computer to be seen, and I didn't notice much in the way of hardware or stationery either.

But it was vaguely interesting to visit as it was such an odd layout. Barely room to walk down the aisles of cheap crap you can't imagine anyone buying, and dark. The lights weren't on when I walked in, and the one staff member (or owner?) was quite slow to turn them on as well. A very strange experience.

But there was nothing of any real note in there, so I moved on. I then passed by the antique shop near my house, where for only $490 I could have been the proud owner of this:

Click for big.
I've got to admit, it's pretty nice. I'm not about to spend $490 on it, let alone the $980 it was at full price, but I did have to stop to have a look.

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  1. They often have a really expensive set of things, like cut crystal and ornaments