Personality Disorder Test

Picture the scene: You're sitting at home arguing with some dickhead on the internet who has the gall to disagree with you. Obviously the natural (and correct) inclination is to behave like a dick, because this is the internet after all. But then you have to think about what people might think about you. It's a drag, but you have to show at least a little bit of respect and consideration. You can't get away with it by claiming you have a disorder, like those fucking Aspies...

Until now! Just fill out this simple form and you'll have a 100% guaranteed internet-based diagnosis of your very own personality disorder! And don't worry, I know Asperger's is passé, so we'll hook you up with something a little more exotic. Hell, we might even throw in two or three for the price of one!

(I'd put the whole thing on here but I don't think it would work, so I've just put a link. That will have to do)

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  1. And here I was thinking I was suffering a mid-life identity crisis!
    Fore-warned is fore-armed.