Leave My Settings Alone!

I use the Opera web browser, because it allows a large degree of customioation. I can make it work the way I like it to, not the way someone else thinks it should. This is why it really pisses me off when I install an update and find that it's fucked with my settings.

They never used to do this. They'd add new options and you could make use of them if you chose to. I like that. I'm in favour of more options, and I'm in favour of not being forced to use them if they're shit.

But lately, every goddamn update turns on some new piece of wankery by default. Or turns off something I was using. Or just changes shit for no apparent reason. Often there's just no way to turn it back, and even when they're is, it's often hard to figure out because there are a billion different options screens and no clear pattern to which setting goes where.

For example, the update I installed today gave the option to change the "speed dial" page (a page with some thumbnails of websites so you con get to your most used sites more conveniently) in various ways, including setting the number of thumbnails and the page layout. But it didn't just give that option, it actually added an extra thumbnail and changed the layout automatically, without asking.

Even more inexplicable was the change for torrents. I had the browser set to automatically save .torrent files into a specific folder so my bittorrent client can pick them up. After installing this update, that behaviour was forgotten and it's started asking me what to do with .torrent files.

Oh, and a whole bunch of sites have been added to my bookmarks. Are they trying to be annoying now? Is this a deliberate effort to make people hate them? Why would you do that?

And seriously, just leave my fucking settings alone. I have them the way I like them. If I want them changed, I'll change them.

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