Phones are annoying

Someone has apparently accidentally set their phone to forward their calls to my number, so I've been getting phone calls all day. This would be annoying enough, but the people who've been calling are a pack of wankers.

The first one called while I was still asleep this morning.

Me: Hello?
Private Number:  Hello?
Me: Yes? Hello?
PN: Who's this?
Me: It's Mathew. Who's this?
PN: {click}

A few minutes later as I was just getting back to sleep.

Me: Hello?
PN: Who's this?
Me: It's Mathew again. You've got the wrong number.
PN: No I don't.
PN: Someone's set their phone to redirect to you.
Me: Well what do you want me to do about that?
PN: You don't even know what's going on, do you you?
Me: Stop calling me.
PN: {click}

Later on, a number that wasn't hidden (ending 078) called but hung up before I answered.

The private number (or possibly a different one) called back a while after that but just hung up on me as soon as I said hello. Then I got a call from another number (ending 340).

Me: Hello?
340: Hello. Who's this?
Me: This is Mathew.
340: {click}

I added 340 to my phone's block list. After that another (or the same) private number called again, but had terrible reception and I couldn't hear them. 340 tried calling again and left no message. Then 078 called back.

Me: Hello?
078: Oi, hello?
Me: Yes? Hello?
078: Oi, hello?
Me: Yes? Who is this?
078: Is Nick there?
Me: Sorry, you've got the wrong number.
078: Oh, sorry.
Me: That's OK, bye.

078 then immediately called back, as though calling the same number twice would somehow get him through to a different person the second time.

Me: You've just called the exact same number again.
078: Oh. Sorry.
Me: Bye.

I added him to the block list as well. Then 340 tried calling again, and again left no message.

I'll at least give 078 credit for being polite, but he was calling from a mobile so it's not like he had no way of checking he'd dialled the right number before trying again. And I've no idea what the "oi hello" nonsense was about.

But it's the private numbers that really annoy me. I can't even block them, because sometimes I actually want to receive calls from private numbers - for example, the property manager for my flat uses one for some reason, and I sometimes need to receive her calls. But I think most people who have them are just being obnoxious and deserve to have their calls ignored.

Update: Just got another private number call from a prison inmate. He seemed confused but was quite polite about it. Possibly because the call was being monitored. And almost immediately afterward, a call from a number ending 980.

Me: Hello?
980: Hello?
Me: Yes? Hello?
980: Hello?
Me: Hello? Can you hear me?
980: {unintelligible} {click}

Dunno if that was just a bad line or another dickhead.

Then the prisoner called back. Once again he was polite, and he instantly figured out what was going on and told me to have a nice day. Of all the people to call me today, he's my favourite by far.

Update: Biggest dickhead so far (number ending 127). Actually I think it may have been dickhead number one from the first private number this morning. I guess he thought that calling from a different phone might have a different result?

Me: Hello?
127: Hi?
Me: Hello? Yes?
127: It's the wrong number again. Look, the person I'm trying to ring has their phone set to divert to your number, since you're obviously not smart enough to figure that out.
Me: What do you expect me to do about it?
127: Just don't get smart with me next time I ring, all right?
Me: I just said "hello".
127: {click}

Another one blocked. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Update: Someone ending 145 looking for Sarah, but quite polite about it, and someone ending 097 who didn't say anything, just hung up when I answered. Whoever's calls I'm getting is certainly busy. And I'm up to four calls from the blocked 340 number now. And now a call from 567.

Me: Hello?
567: {very noisy room} {unintelligible} is Sarah there?
Me: No, sorry, you've reached the wrong number.
567: No I haven't.
Me: Well, my name's Mathew, this is my phone, and there's no Sarah here.
567: Oh. {click}

Less than a minute later.

Me: You've just called the same number again.
567: But I've got it programmed into me phone, how come Sarah's not answering?
Me: I think someone's set their phone to redirect to mine.
567: {click}

If you call the same number twice in a row, you will get the same person! How is this a difficult concept? Blocked.

Update: Holy shit, he just tried to call me again about a minute later. Twice. Immediately followed by another call from a private number.

Me: Hello?
PN: Wrong number again.
Me: Could you please stop calling?
PN: {click}

Update: And another private number, but this one seemed to be a call centre because the guy said he'd "put a note that it's the wrong number". And a number ending 928.

Me: Hello?
928: Hey. Mum's about two seconds away. {laughs}
Me: I think you've got the wrong number.
928: {click}

Is it so hard to say "Oh, sorry for bothering you"?

Update: And another call (280) looking for Sarah. This one sounded quite professional and I thought it was another call centre until I noticed it was a mobile number.


Me: Hello?
PN: Hello?
Me: Hello? Can you hear me?
PN {click}

Come on. If you're going to waste my time all day, at least be polite about it.

Update: Private number dickhead from this morning phoned me again. This time I hung up on him. What sort of traumatic brain injury does it take to make it seem like a good idea to keep phoning the same wrong number all fucking day?

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