Literally everything I know about swimming

For school this week we were given this task:

Write for 10 minutes about a topic I’m going to give you. Start straight away, don’t think. Just write and don’t stop. The topic is swimming.

I wrote it, so I suppose I may as well post it, though I've no idea what educational value it was supposed to have.

Swimming. Uh, I don't really swim. I can't, properly. I can doggie paddle, that's it. Is Grant Hacket a swimmer? Or a cricketer? Thorpe was a swimmer, right? Breaststroke. Backstroke. Freestyle. Freestyle is called Australian Crawl for some reason. People in the 19th century and earlier generally couldn't swim at all, not even as well as I can. Ummm, swimming is done in water, generally, but theoretically it could be done in other liquids. Probably has been at least once. Ian Thorpe, was that his name? In high-school, I was in the house that won the swimming every year and then lost everything else. Which is odd, considering that no one was sorted by aptitude, we just got randomly assigned. Swimming. It's a summer activity. God, this has only been three minutes. What else is there to say? I don't know anything about swimming, nor do I care to find out. I've been swimming at the beach once. We went outside the flags and a life guard told us to come back, so we did. I used to go swimming a bit as a child, but I always got bored long before the rest of the family, so I stopped when I was old enough to stay home by myself. I'd rather have a shower. Uh, I think Australia generally does well in swimming at the Olympics? I don't know, I never pay attention. Babies automatically hold their breath underwater, but we forget that as we grow and then have to learn to do it manually. There's a baby underwater on the cover of that Nirvana album. Fish swim. They're known for it. Also other animals, but less so. Used to be that in video games, water would kill you instantly, but now most video game characters who encounter water can swim. The Tomb Raider games have a special control specifically for swan diving into water. But you can do it anywhere, if you just want Lara to dive onto concrete or something. Three minutes to go and I'm down to video game trivia. Swimming is a popular activity in the summer, because water is cooling and summer is hot. Birds rarely swim. One minute to go. In zero gravity it seems like you'd be able to swim through the air, but you can't really, because there's not enough resistance to push off against. And that's time.

Ten minutes well spent?

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